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The small piece and kinglet is a rightness of neighbors, they all depend to grow vegetables and sell vegetables for living.The time sown seeds in spring, Zhang Ma is to little Zhang Shuo:"Now brocoli very sell, I feel that you should grow a brocoli."Hence small piece the suggestion beginning that listenned to a mother grows a brocoli;Wang Ma then says to the kinglet:"Son, you want to grow what, feel what good grow."Kinglet then spread in the ground next the seed of tomato.

The mood doesn't know that who can cure, the words didn't learn, who can save book in heart, have no money learn what, have no ability to smile what, cry to want money, beat parents to want a house, have to think and have to ask, a lot of hard waters they ate, much tears wipes for you sorrow, a lot of smiles just don't think you have sad juniority, if you begin and beat not to fall their ever hard, if you wept over, can not wipe them to pay the sweat of to you and said to you, you could abandon them, you could leave them, but their hearts followed you to walk, and their read to bless for you.

Although the Lu is fast to die early, beam solid autumn but really receive scolding afraid, have never lifted as well to the words of Lu fast disrespect in a life time. Look back Wang Shuo, feel to be like a primary school living, meeting go toward person the my grandfather temple and home separate over the wall to throw muck, clear nothing important reason, also bite happily to living, humiliate old man's elder generation, typical model of rascal looks.

stop at nothing of the bad behavior is still nothing new, continuously for a long time hence, is the country why quiet and peaceful?Is the people why happy happy?On the sixth

"Was the hand so cool, measured body temperature in the morning?"The summer of the rice in a soft voice answers" H'm, at 35:00 octave." So, Lin An quietly holds a rice the icy cold left hand led for a long time for summer, Lin An's low voice says" should has 36.5 degrees now."But this sentence, the rice summer didn't hear. After several days, in the sickroom leaves a rice for summer.The summer of the rice is afraid black, can she knows approach in the night head quarter.

Said a words that I can't forget forever "I don't fall to have fun with Lin Xiao!Lin Xiao's falling is a fatty!" This sentence, as if a bolt from the blue, split on my head.Don't know as well why, his imitating a Buddha is held up by my this"fatty" ascend, kid's park till now, he and I the same school, and is the same class of.Don't know as well why, I even if be risen the nickname " fatty" by him, I have been liking him as well.

Remind the day that more than ten year agos be president, the class returns to a house for a while at that time, week orchid orchid since the kitchen was full of smiles to come out, Be walking and wiping body up of do dishes water, urgently and urgently walk to come forward to open front door, once connected the document bag in the husband's hand, greeted oneself's husband to return.

*Seedling, at fly The seedling is flying …… should be a grain of seed in times before, after one year, still cultivate. See very each scenery, river water once wears forest.Isn't far, the breeze big wave is continuously to sing, still sing. Turn an eye, Moncler Fur Trim Shiny Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletthis is the affair of quite a few year.The breeze still keeps being flying.(not) It is yellow, become farmer stove flame in the Tang to grow in the grass in the forest slowly a geologic change. Or, mowed one Chi, one more Chi.

Feelings of the world usually cans not stand a deliberation, boundless huge, have who can get away from destiny of fetters, ask a sky when old, ask feeling when unique?My heart deeply place, win to have 1,00< to knot.