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Hence, you slowly discover, those people all walk far, be you one day return overdo want to hold tight of time, discover the whole again too late.The rice fixs in the senior high school and graduates the summer vacation of that year, is rushing through a field every day, go out early and return till late, Moncler Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletbecause of almost every day have classmates all is doing and entering higher school Yan.

The ancients with"Big Dipper in Mount Taishan" come to Yu to point humane virtuous Gao, fame and prestige to weigh or have vintage for public admire and respect of person.

Equal Anne lives ten thousand methods as well happy, with heart view heart namely get this is happy, have no don't intelligence method boundary in happy, naturally happy man's natural character, this takes pleasure in I joy joy have a lot, have no rare hope the merriment of the world!

Exactly from when start being addicted to Lijiang, having already canned not remember clearly is afraid.

Stand on the building to take over, Gao of the surroundings greatly constructs all short many, the overhead is a blue and erudite Hun night sky, embellish numerous starses of flickers in the night sky.Over there, there is a kind stretching hand since the felling that can grasp a stars , over there, has already grown drive night sky heartily surround of felling.Immediately, the whole annoyance the whole in the daytime of suppress all vanish.

The 17-year-old cloth valley is already the big miss of a standing gracefully,One meter is 63 statureses, Moncler Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletthe white is clean delicate of skin, shape also already basic model.These all don't calculate what, the cloth valley begs for a person most favorite of still that opens mouth and allow who call for her up a , in the mind of will have a flower Mao ground 1 to bloom to open.This, plum not equal to cloth valley, Moncler Fur Trim Hooded Puffer Jacket Black Women Outletso, the cloth valley has been a star that gleams in the plum in the mind.Distance Yi is after going home with the cloth valley, although the words are few,always rob to live for home stem, particularly is a cloth valley to want to work the time of feeling, he is on the he's hand son Lan in the living of cloth valley by quickest speed.His mature reasonable soon won parents in the cloth valley's good will, tooked New Year's Day to have the time of reunited rice, parents in the cloth valley happily introduced the distance Yi to their own relativeses.

In my childhood, father will buy a toy for me, many some things that can amuse, every day and the small crew member go out to play games and play tired go home to have a meal, there is also color television in home, stay by the side time to see a strong wind car every day.Again a little bit bigger of time the Hunan Wei sees also strong, the family will stay by the side a television to visit a happy headquarter and spend fine weekend night together on every Saturday evening.

Is cold breeze whistling Xi heart in cold, wonderful hope blue sky what love dearly.The stem that is thin to fondle a floating about brain, life's hasing is loving dearly.Early times years all dissipation, the good close intimate friend is unknown now.Ask the gentleman remaining years the desire what, the bitterness thinks to contemplate difficult forward.

Time is silently passing, turn an eye, more than two hours passed by.I see Cui Wei, she sits upright on the sofa to nap, I cant not bear to the heart bother her and walked for she throwing on a jacket, silently. The third day evening, I went to the house of Cui Wei again.On knocking on door, the door didn't put, entered a house and discovered that Cui Wei and dress lie on the bed and just and inwardly shed tears.