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Really felt a good injustice at that time, really wanted to weep aloud. Section 2(turning point) returns to room and lies on the bed, the in the mind isn't extremely quick.Really want to seek personal consolation comforts himself/herself and discommoded too much.I suddenly thoughted of her and probably called her an elder sister!Hence, my registering qq, and then seeing her head is as well like flutter, is such over several days.

the individual think and take charge of Ma Qian's style of writing of these are two embarrassments, the first matter cans not stand deliberation, almost can not round out one's explanation;What about the second matter?If really really there is its matter, can not represent a malicious hand of its public of Liu Bang, either hot, anti- pour the intelligence and courage and judgment of embodying his superman! 《Historical records?Item feather originally Ji 》medium jot down:The man right way meets the filial piety Hui and Lu dollar is carrying a line.Chu rides to make track for a man king, man Wang Ji, push a Duo filial piety Hui and Lu dollar under the car, Mr. Teng often descend accept to carry it.Like this three.Yue:"Although urgently can not get rid of, Nai what leave it?"Hence hence must take off. First, let us come first to understand for a while in those early years Liu Bang and sons and daughters' age:Liu Bang was born in 256 B.C., while Liu Ying was born in 210 B.C., bad omen of livinging of Lu dollar year, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Black Outletbut according to in many ways research, estimate that big Liu Ying is 6-7 years old.Reckon according to the historical data so, when 205 B.C. Liu Bang Bing hurts to escape is 51 years old;But Hui emperor Liu Ying in those early years but only have 5 years old, the Lu dollar princess' age then should at 11-12 years old of.

"Escape?Where do we escape again?"That sunlight probably has to stab an eye, pig eight quit Mi to have eyes to say:"Besides we don't worry to eat here, not the sorrow wears of, world arrived an outside, and then should endure hunger is frozen, do you want to return to?Will you return to?" The Nu subconscious saw an eye pig eight quit that umbrella in white in hand to ask a way.

The Confucius of thousand year agos faces the situation of "the gift collapses happy bad", he foundation the scholar learn and attempt to resume an earlier gift to cure with this, but feudalism factor don't talk, the scholar learns of realistic meaning still very strong of, it"five""Ren" promoting wait concept equally is also what we now worship, the modern society can therein draw to take many aggressive nutrients.

Five year agos have a be like I like this age of boy, also at up university, everyone's noodles is all quite good, there is also girl friend, be apart from to graduate work accolade a freshman could not live half year, this boy fell sick and got sick to come very quickly soon, keep on of time have two years, period because the treatment almost becomes bankrupt and work impossible, girl friend also have no may, before plan a fantasy of various all have no may.

Come to revolve the brain wounded and disabled have already become empty, the things of the past cloud and mist becomes dim moonlight.Only resemble Huang on the life road, exactly where is my desire gone to.The China lovely view enjoys a trip to to the utmost and settle on sky square joy 榶 Tang.Come to revolve joy joyful, teachers and the students combine raise China great.

But foolish foolishly looking at a window of outside of north, be like want to across that built-up rain Lian to looking at who, but again the not knowing of the Zheng Zheng is just thinking what …… "princess, not good!Not good!The side pass spreads news to say general he ……"suddenly the maid's nervous voice spreads into an ear. "Husband, what's the matter with him?"She urgently stop next fondle the hand of piano, start to worry of ask.That as the face of jade ascend full is uneasy.

The territory is built by the heart, Moncler Frederic Diamond Quilted Jacket Black Outletheart namely host, heart without the thing desire, square of the inch all the boundless as the sea and sky always have no side in precipice.The breadth of view Tan concusses, if Yuan vast sky morning sun annoyed have no the place hide a body.

Is open spaces also not only relate to the vast and empty river sky of great universe, it also with many artistic conception in the mind of open spaces also have close contact;More and mankind's social activities, person and great universe of harmonious get along with vitally related-"empty the mountain disappear a person, but celebrity language ring." Chi Lei Chuan, the Yin is below the hills.Sky Qiong Lu, the cage covers open countryside.