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The pigeon son of hover in blue sky is the Wei oriole of Zha Zha in the reed pond, particularly bear suffering a son, Ji mile, hoary head Bei with cheery temperament, beautiful mountain Qiao son ……the bird son of home town, begging your pardonning me can not make you writing in the text all one by one, Moncler Dupres Quilted Puffer Vest Black Outletat this time, I want to say to you:"My heart in similar to you close!"The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3720445/Those six of the matter sons(long article prose)s chapter 5s of text Feng:Blind date, go on a blind date

The voice comes right away from the direction of that fish pond, I subconscious ground dynasty that direction hope to go, in addition to one barren tree and almost the fish pond of dried up, there is no the thing of activity, I can not help puzzled for a while, and, at the same time, Moncler Dupres Quilted Puffer Vest Black Outletreappeared an uncanny scene of a day before yesterday dawn in brain.

I already can not remember clearly Chu by himself[herself] actually from bore to lead to spend till now how much day, just seemed to be lately to receive parents home dozen the telephone for coming over say to wish me 27-year-old happy birthday, again or is 26-year-old happy birthday.

The week even Wei grows tall and big in stature strong solid, the face reading is simple and honest, optimism bright, smile rather that Tatu Buddha Maitreya.Is in fact a good talker, the mental character deals with affairs ability best the strongest, in three lines, and I together in the carpenter class, but my impression in, he almost time of half is going to hospital.

"Is the Tai orchid virtuous?Really is your voice, have never thought at darkly mid-degree led years for 10,000 years, Moncler Dupres Quilted Puffer Vest Black Outletyour a voice still an ability,such as clean moonlight, generally shines on into my heart.

I usually is make Teng must recruit a person suspicion, calmness of good disappear, occasionally hang up a person curious.I ain't being common to is again common, a similar to the general people the vulgar person is also that to occasionally be unsuited to cluster, the temperament not agrees with the quiet youth of outlooking.The work is some youths who press in social idea spirit to consider as correct, but again invite humiliation of summary.

This total regulation is:In the mankind's material production line, Moncler Dupres Quilted Puffer Vest Black Outletthe material and the energy in the natural environment transfers to the mankind's material product, value also from first production factor-------The natural resources transfers to the mankind's material product, not only such, material and energy also can transfer to the natural environment from the mankind's material product, the value owned by mankind also along with the disappearance but disappearance of material product.All economic regulations in fine are a part of the natural regulations, so call natural economics.These words tell us the academic meaning of contents, method and level Gao that the natural economics studies.The regulation that is worth of sport is the soul of living of natural economics, also the reason that this science can build up.Tightly and around be worth of, knowing the regulation of its occurrence development is the most task of this science.

Mrs. Wang Yang sits on the chair, the spirit is some to float suddenly.Some shadow shadow the shadow of human figure of the Chuo Chuo is taking a stroll, the step is in a hurry light, come and go.This is where ah?Absentminded, Mrs. Wang feels that he or she in fact is on a plane.The young and beautiful stewardess comes up a time to shuttle in the aisle of passenger compartment, the small voice soft language ground inquires after sb's health to the passenger.

Although still being unlikely to see a people is like enemy,still being unlikely to see a people slowly feels pout and think not and oneself's a mind's eye, with people gradually and gradually far, more see more is feel those civilian common people vulgar and obstinate and stupid.Is more rich, more have difficult to express sense of superiority, Moncler Dupres Quilted Puffer Vest Black Outletwill never concern money is how get, is to not is to should get, being not a crime.This time, go bad in much public is no longer corrupt, but skill.