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The father was 16 years old to pass examination northwest wealth Mao staff the school is an unique whole village lucky person.The local warfare beginning stopped at that time, the political power was still unsteady solid, nation 100 discarded to need an interest, neededa management professionalurgently.The father goes to school just at school time for more than a years, eagerly register, actively respond to the call of party, voluntarily arrive at wide Mao limitless Xinjiang, throw body to protect a frontier, constuct among the combat of frontier.Hear afterwards, he goes through many hardships and sometimes rides a horse to take bus and sometimes on foot turns over mountain and emits Huang Sha Feng's snow, the crest wears hunger and thirst cold hot, a short while and Kuomintang are straggling soldiers to fight, a short while and bandit robber hands over fire, always walk a few months, just get into Urumqi.

One pares thin pure white young man and once was Lin Shan Shan's classmate in the senior high school, it is said that mixing quite goodly at a building materials company now.Lin Shan Shan sees each time of he is all in western dress and leather shoes positive son eight through of appearance.

The Wan son is just a sorting bed of young lady, while He Yu Qing's heart no longer know to fly to where. A night of rain, the Xi Xi Li Li, knocks the banana out of the window.He Yu Qing lies on the bed, anyway can not also fallen asleep.Suddenly, someone light Kou window window, He Yu Qing saw an eye have already slept familiar Wan son, cant not bear to the heart call to come to her, then the your book courage starts and arrives at to inquire before the window.

The night is too quiet, the algidity is obscure, haven't yet I agree she has already fled into my inside in the house and remember be ordered by her to sprinkle to come to, have to feel deeply about life to lead too quickly.Leaving the house already so several years, the distance leaving home is more and more far.

I and allow late is to fall in love at first sight, I never believe before this this idiom will describe my love, because at six the sources walk the love that Ma Guan spends influence for several years under, I believe and fall in love at first sight, being just skin bag of clock, can allow late he not only have a good-looking skin bag, he still so clean, so clear and distinct, so have a spirit field.To, Moncler Champetre Quilted Puffer Jacket Light Beige Women Outletspirit field, strong spirit field.

Stand on the west top of hill to have a bird's-eye view, the spring city lovely view to the utmost accepts eye bottom, Dian pond the entire content is a single glance takes in all.We the Sa walk while chatting the side take photo, on the steep hill path, he often turn head to take care of our sister, is really a consideration and considerate person.Remembering is early ex-, he says to wait I to get to Kunming, he wants to ask a lot of problems.

He obviously overestimated him to this just“For the first time and talked me to blush”Of the girl's feelings, but I have never overestimated his to bear dint& mdash;—Probably a month, probably a week, Moncler Champetre Quilted Puffer Jacket Light Beige Women Outleteven three day he will throw a part.

The husband isn't very good either to her now, the day leads not and satisfactorily!" Drink tea, drink tea, don't say that disappointing words!"I see contain feeling in her eyes, lovingly looking at me and start to carry cup to say.I am immediately a bit embarrassed, the whole body uneasiness asks:"Drink, looking at me why and like this.Why not knowing?See you, feel to be like to meet close relatives.I is already'two pots of'(knot two marriages of), to'three from four virtuous'also see thin.

Person and life creation for so a little value, if can well or possibly much exertion Be such a to be worth of, the cosmos creation and mankind is social and then will be harmonious many, so, how well or flick our such a value to the cosmos creation possibly?Still have to depend us to go earnest study and thinking over a long period of time, study with summary teach, for example I, pass long-term study and thinking, discover my the first special features is a writing, only have a writing, so as to well embody my a little value to the society and the cosmos creation, just can well or much develop mine possibly, the such a biggest value.Secondly make me be a teacher, if be a teacher, so, my value for developing will have to be a little smaller, because of, this isn't me it first special features, but is a second special features.