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As long as her openings smiles, that voice absolutely is having no is evil open and clear and crisp, have much of the bead the felling for falling jade dish.The voice that listens to her will make people feel that her world has no Yin Yi. Two wood the net go to the time of south is a rainy day.Small rain beats wet her long hair, make her seem to be weak and chilly.She looks Gu cold cold cool not approachability.

The "side pass spreads news to say general body poisoned arrows, save to cure invalid empress died ……" maid looking at her that uneasy face very careful say. Is like a thunder without basis, Moncler Camo Fur Lapel Puffer Jacket Olive Women Outletleave the news that he died in her brain …… "you next go to ……" she is full is sorrow. While making change their beginning to meet the all flowers Yi worn by her ground skirt.

"Liu Lao Han listenned to and let go of chopsticks language center of gravity Be long ground of to say:"Show an orchid, although you aren't my own daughter,you still kiss than the own daughter to me, so my old man beat in mind's eye you be the own daughter treat.

The cellular phone rang again, on seeing is a husband, Moncler Camo Fur Lapel Puffer Jacket Olive Women Outletjust wanted to tell the husband how to should do?The words haven't spoken, husband urgently and urgently says, you invite a leave at once and take 2,000 dollars to hurry people hospital.Liu Xin hasn't asked why?The husband's telephone has been already hanged up and beats again and doesn't answer again in the past and saw to affirmative was a police to find out my husband, have already this time depended on to ascend me.

Coda:I start discovering, everybody's fancying another persons will have his reason, and this is nonexistent to have no reason to have no causal love in the world.In addition to wealth and position beauty and rich talent, probably still is different from of, want a kind of solace of likeness, want to satisfy vanity, Moncler Camo Fur Lapel Puffer Jacket Olive Women Outletwant evade in the past, wanted to drain some feelings, Moncler Camo Fur Lapel Puffer Jacket Olive Women Outletthese names that all hanged love, had slowly thinly go, had really fall in love with you, there is reason not terrible, terrible of is to deny these reason, but returned it the knot as predestination of mysterious.

An accumulation of yesterday, use facing of yesterday talks to talk today of smile, let to smile in the future to talk the United States of talking today, ask a person with the way of etc.

The campus in spring is a floral world.When a few spring rain once floated, the spring breeze urged to open in riotous profusion gorgeous blossom.

The prosperous Chang dance hall performs a set bottom the light is dusk, perform very and special circle form golden light of on the stage to tie, the cage shines on the Tai clan a pair sister to take turns to appear on stage Zong feeling crazy dance, one is one and other, two of her that is wildly enthusiastic like the performance of the sunlight sort vigorously head, set descend many seats all insolate of very hot, a lot of bottoms of audiences all hot of suffered but sit an uneasy body.That match pearl super diamond sort beautiful eye pupil, project the ray of light of the sort of electricity Hu, seem the chest that to wear deeply each audience but go directly to atrium exact center sting enter mind deep place.

I but stunned speechless, hope that huge asbestos tile, another time starts to sign under the push of strong wind and falls flop and sends out a "Pa Ta" of that orotund joy sort voice, my forbiding don't live break into laughter voice:"Ha ha, ha ha!"The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3720608/Yellow Crane Tower visits to record