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The mother walked and left from our life, from disappear in the world.Later two the middle of the years, my house depressed extremity, father also once several degrees collapse, I usually sews an inside from the wall starting to tie with the maize corn pole to secretly see him to put on tears in the yard.Slowly, I knew what call silent, what call melancholy.And since the mother died, the grandfather's attitude to us also include a huge change.

I never believe that that am the dream, positive such as I know to take place now of is also really similar. I still keep lookinging at argent eyes, hair, lips. I can see clear grain of a Bo neck as well as see the beard Chi of tiny Mo color of a chin, I want even stretch out the hand grasps his lower ear lobe, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women Outletlike a certain and born habit.

The mother is bitter the hard bitterness take Zhao Cheng to bless to leave for to test up the city, but didn't expect son year by year not medium, this is already the fifth year, see son be musted not think by the miss fan of a brothel enterprising recently, heart in torment, don't read a poem book, more is angry.Then accept that to bless a pass at in home, take strict precautions against last-ditch forbid his family one step.

Chang Qiong The Hao Miao Chang Qiong cloud and mist spreads, the sun a Chang Qiong is now.Xia light ten thousand inside visual field breadth, fantasy star aeon.The cosmos of Hao Miao didn't see now, aery place unmanned smoke.Star on the unmanned smoke, the Earth on person total regiment.

Really would like to?That still has a leave, the elder brother isn't what you start to shout.Elder brother, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women Outletyou say our life, also enough beautiful now!Want building to contain building, the car contains car and also have what dissatisfaction of?Be felling soul, some empty.Thought of that one day we will die, frightened.What are you frightened?Life from thou who have no dead.Although canning not stay to take heart of pure loyalty to shine on sweat is green,also wants spending of delectation.

Bone substance inside.Can never partition.I still want the truth to actually say.My mood isn't very good.Mood mess.See what to is all what a mess.It is like several years of elder brother.I concerning he is ander the rise than concerning I.Because.He didn't study.But he is true to person.You have what mostly small matter.Want ~only your Zhi voice.He will help you.Thus you to my going toward have never also talked about each other.Don't know is that I changed.Or I am in a bad humor.

In former days scene infinite childe piece as if the dog of funeral house, took troops to drift on water everywhere don't find shelter of, the northeast soldier inner part thinks of home heart to slice and day and night sings the song of home town, windy and rainy miserably miserably sad grievous slice, face all these of what feeling does our childe piece do?The touch is undoubtedly huge, childe piece starts introspecting, why do I want to withdraw northeast?That is my home town!At present I and my subordinate even the houses all had no and was subjected to judgment still everywhere, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women OutletI open northeast soldier the commander in chief unexpectedly became nonresistance general, my Chang Hsueh-liang is patriotic! Day more long Chang Hsueh-liang's circumstances is more difficult, the enduring long hardship of heart is also more serious, his affirmation also thoughted of the father who dies in the Japanese's hand, and enemy country in the house hated to surge forward at heart together, arose a childe to the matchless and strong old grudge of Japanese and hated to the bone.What about how to wash own pure stain?The answer is an anti- day, how revenge for father?The answer is also an anti- day.As long as anti- day's all problems solved, since it is so that anti- day! Have found this, Chang Hsueh-liang starts saying to Jiang Jie Shi firm anti- day decision, just this decision encountered the scathing judgment of Jiang Jie Shi, not only the nonsupport on the contrary sends Chang Hsueh-liang beats communist to Xian, Chang Hsueh-liang naturally 10,000 don't wish.After arriving Xian childe piece thinks to want to decide to disobey an aim not, ignore Jiang Jie Shi descended how much make me ignore it.The northeast soldier that wanders about after several years at this time was up and down all full of abhorrence to Jiang Jie Shi, however Jiao total heart's slicing Jiang Jie Shi's root be done not realize this and incredibly leave for Xian to direct campaign in person and made the opportunity of once in a lifetime for Chang Hsueh-liang.Be subjected to humiliation to make me wash and brush in Xian in few years! 1936 Xian Incident is the brightest scenery in the whole life of Chang Hsueh-liang, let his image far far above other warlords, though consequently encountered half imprisonning of century, childe piece from that time on has a clear conscience the elders person of hometown of northeast three provinces, is had a clear conscience to underworld under of the father is had a clear conscience to the patriotic person with ideals and integrity of whole country, can live of open, does the life contain this glorious moment and imprison half a lifetime again no harm?Childe piece thoroughly realized mistake.Return

" Listen to this bond maid say so, take charge of Tu the orchid poured to also have peace of mind a lot and sighed tone for summer, mumbling to oneself" is burning, you can return soon, Moncler Bourdon Snap Front Short Puffer Coat Women OutletI still just do here wait you."- The side fills. "Ha ha ha!General, they have already canned not endured any more quickly, we can return to city right away."The way that is huge to rush cachinnation, full is joy in the smiling face.

Orchid son along with crowd car, sought to be sat down by the seat of window in the behind.The wreath attends to on all sides, is almost a snow-white tidy clothes complexion other parts of country man.That deeply of the white, the infiltration marrow, imitate a Buddha to hide a lot of years of have never seen sunlight general in the cellar.