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You are to admire Ji, you is also an orchid in my verse, you deposit heart language in《the madrigal of northern city 》 you pinned up 《the moon of rain son 》 that doesn't fall You say to me, in fact your name was originally also rain you birth rainy day, , we are together the rain ideas of that a moment of the kid of rain, put to fly previous incarnation how much madrigal National language, you separate to block customs dust with the verse cold sky of, the cope of night tilts to one sides thus and rain after rain of a life time us to come out together dawn to see Hong In fact, hospice in night is a confusing light to copy bottom, those souls that visit to leave are like breeze, we could not see but can touch cloud-built flowing water, and the cold night flicks not to go miserablely National language, Arabian perfume is I like most of have already stayed at I its Man in the four seasons in old age spreads of the special flavor make you remember you of smiling face, remember you to similarly concern about to my close relatives 2014-12-24.Christmas Eve 《The madrigal of northern city 》 :Malaysia language collection of poems 《the moon of rain son 》 :Malaysia language poem makes Malaysia language:Mosslem people, female, poet in Tienjin, Moncler Bicolor Quilted Front Zip JacketTaupe Gray Outletwriter association member of TienjinThe story of soldier wave

The evening that announces result, the home all collectively suffered from insomnia because of me.In the night in my memory particularly of calmness.Imitate the whole world of Buddha to be like to play in 《the day after tomorrow 》 of movie of be all so sealed by the ice.Subsequent day inside, my hiding in own cabin doesn't dare to go out, the humorous wit father also wrinkled up eyebrows, and the mother still kept cooking a meal on time, Moncler Bicolor Quilted Front Zip JacketTaupe Gray Outletbut the vegetables is more and more monotonous.

This circumstance, along with horary of hit a mouth, continued a senior high school. Wang Xiao Xiao and Huang Zi Quans tested the region's best senior high school, but orchid such as Yan result bad, mixed into for costliness. (Two)Destiny, the imperceptibly but inexorably only has an arrangement. Three still just the same classes to person, orchid,such as Yan, from the first, declare to everyone, she is to like Huang Zi Quan, who don't also rob with her.

Otherwise she also impossibly and so refuses so many boys in several years, in heart saves one Liu Mu Xi. "Quiet Chen, you are tormenting oneself again, ate me to this side and then leave, give you time and calm down."Zheng Zi Han arrived a kitchen to do side and put to calm down in summer Chen in front. Looking at quiet Chen of summer to slowly finish eating noodles, Zheng Zi Han just trusts of leave.

The white letter of alphabet is in the black schoolbag exact center, almost had 1/3 of surfaces, pretty much stab an eye.The old king suddenly feels in fact if there is no that row large letter of alphabet, the schoolbag will be a little bit more good-looking. Appear the facial expression of recollection on old Wang Lian:"Our home town wraps, all is spin and weave with the multicolored line handicraft, the noodles anticipates Mian soft fructify again, the young girl carries good-looking.

The text is super to is the rommate whom I greatly and temporarily wait, the first time sees her time is a freshman to school begins that day, all respectively don't acquaint with, all is being devoted to to tidy up own thing.The text was super to wear a floral pattern that day of flower one-piece dress, the very fat shape shuttles in the very small bedroom, having no of very hot day air condition, the sweat beats to turn on her face and particularly asks for person's eye.

She is crumpling belly and stealing eye to see cold thousand years.Cold thousand years but as doing not hear, eyes hope toward the distance."Sum, you..."River Jin just thinking wear how to open mouth, the cold thousand years returns to body, the finger tip is tiny to move, pass to he is a pheasant.River Jin's face is suddenly reder, did he indeed as expected still hear? "It is alas."River Jin is tiny to sigh tone, she early however that kind of the Ru hair drank the business of blood.

At present at the beginning of moonlight up, frost weighs to expose cold, tree branch still just, the leaf has already deteriorated and dispersed.Old tree the withered rattan is quiet quiet stand still, month next the light spend cold.Water of outside ten thousand insides that the tree branch was airtight to airtightly hold up a Xuan window sky, Moncler Bicolor Quilted Front Zip JacketTaupe Gray Outletmore the drum a per knocks in the person's mind.

The computer stereo set of his table's top inside is playing one song old song.That is Zhang Guo Rong.Hence, 2 people then and without previous arrangement chat to have him.Bring up him, the Chinese medicine then speaks contentedly.Break to say he because of suffering from insomnia the tragedy of Niang just!Son Yang heart a surprised.