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At men and women Confucianism cultural from head to foot in the ethics strange turn of the marriage each pore drop wear chemisette tears of blood and man the dirty on the body 2-herd romantically to see traditional culture from the Du The Du herds a poem Green mountain unclear water the faraway autumn arrive Chiang-Nan grass don't Diao 24 bridge bright moons at jade where does the person teach to play fife Bridge because of 24 pretty girls play fife in the top but get the pretty girls contain Bao Zhan to open 24 magnolias to hold 24 jade Xiaos to play 24 wisps of jade voices to raise romantic night view, effeminate bridge column now then person go to bridge empty on bright moon of bridge cover with formerly the prosperous spring dream die to the utmost The talent and skill that doesn't would not° until pretty girl is gone toward where their home towns are that the brothels are humbles is that they put on not exert of cultural branding traditional culture think woman without would be a virtuous man and always regard as the sorcery mountain sexual intercourse dream beauty to the woman is just Tu and increases Yin just 24 pretty girls just color time immemorial finally drive male power culture fornicate and take captive to not know where went The romantic scholar Du herds whole life to take brothel as a house self-statement Yin once history Down and out river's lake carries wine to go the light decade in the Chu's waist's slender Zhang a feel Yang state the dream win brothel Pu luckily he is the fickle wave son that plays with brothel pretty girl incredibly not bashful ask pretty girl where went to this just past make disappointed just Du herding of the fickle history condensed traditional culture of traditional culture simultaneously promote kindness to fellowmen part Lei Gao Nan Zun's female vulgar grade Chinese traditional culture is penis culture for savage of the penis oppress male power service when man is first born of vagina, sex originally the beginning of the bad text, the sex not- kind barbarism is the man's natural character of the ancient old civilization 3-the tiger poison also eat son Grow melon Huang Tai Xia, the melon familiar son leaves a to take off to make melon good, two take off to make melon sparse three to take off still can, take off to extremely embrace Man to return tang dynasty emperor, sub- Li Xian, to endow with into this 《Huang Tai Gua Ci 》 to reform a martial of mother day lovely son

Critique:The a little bit well embodied 2014 Gao Kao's question in composition test in Shandong province of set question an alignment.Namely jumped the purpose standard of parroting of habitual, the living affairs and scene that provide a certain neuter gender, will hand over to an examinee for the purpose mindset of much vaster Wei more.

How to should describe me the then mood?I felt a kind of setback feeling, complete of inability is dint.

But represent the correct thought of advanced rank, once the weapon that becomes judgment, once being controled by the crowd, will become a reformation social, the material strength of the reformation world.Once son finished the back, , the Mo Ya came off stage, his judgment very to, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Olive Women Outlethere of several 1000 people who don't also take hair Zhe, who have never learned hair Zhe as well, he puts on of a few words are again smoothly so, nobody detection.The Mo Ya son back hair Zhao got a first, due to him is a rich agriculture sons and daughters again not publicity, engineering in command of the department ate dirt, everyone is have no the matter is similar.3 arrive Gao Kao to lift ban that year, the son of Mo Ya hurtled to roast Huang Ri Tou to also roast a livelong decade in the copper basin.

The such soil of these pit pit Wa Was bares underneath at the sun and insolated one built-up alkali flower, can be like the sufferer of skin disease, whole body scar formation, battered, if easily infect, will also make people surprised whole body cold sweat.Every year summer autumn moment, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Olive Women Outletthe village Fu of neighborhood, will form into groups to come to sweep alkali Mo.The cook system fire alkali after going home steams noodles to cook a rice to use.Spread all over marsh in grass Dian, be like a net of piece self-will, all are welcome.The mire pond is the cutthroat of grass Dian, a delitescence the hare for a long time be got empty high the eagle of hover and clamor swoop down after discovering, the hare is made track for panic don't choose road, its a head of plants into inside in the mire pond, didn't come out any further.

Again is a year winter, an expanse of white one far mountain, grain wind around to rise and fall, simple true.One slice snowflake, on successively piling up, on in multiple layers accumulating Dian, hopes one day a heap to become a Wei E towering snow mountain and appreciate beautiful romantic feeling outside the mountain by the height of mountain.The tonight has no sleep, again the close quarter listens the voice that the snowflake taps softly the earth and still has the felling to move.

Seeing again should try.The ancients studies for an official, should try medium raise is a pass hole.The Lin son took part in a country to try, didn't get in, is giving to very resent Li in the letter of Panchiao.Panchiao immediately writes a letter to the son, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Olive Women Outletthe personally appear gives guidance.Panchiao says that he the green prime of life calls names so much, is overbearing pride is playing tricks, “Every where country field, start outshine others, is as well overbearing pride the Zu also.”Panchiao from see just is very high, there is overbearing pride to be unavoidable.Besides, all ages has just and stubbornly not can pass in examination merit and fame of scholar, feeling all have already not just kept in mind to meet, grumble to the realistic hair, scold corrupt official, also often have.Panchiao is no exception, even if is to is Fan Xuan Xuan to make, crazy because of but, the wine call names behind of matter still have occurrence, be praised as a crazy officer.

In fact living medium who can not get away from who, who again can leave who, who have no weakness, who again have no advantage, in fact you whom get married all is those two times son, he marries who also all similar.The family is so-so Anne Anne of lead over whole life, can such a person keep company with whole life also be regarded as we of luck.

People's soldier, or the heroism hurtle a sky, or the heroic bearing is direct and simple, or the love tie up Mian, the sweet is sweet, all scenery of the most beautiful the human life, the most beautiful soldier's elegant appearance. This cultural heritage gives the New Year's Day the People's Liberation Army who firmly stands by in the whole motherland for period. to people soldier to with the most lofty esteem.