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The favour introduction of teacher Tang says:My student Ge text Feng, at three in teaching.The girl hopes my smile by adoring look in the eyes.Is close behind, and then come in two girls, one is black thin, two eyes exaggerated the ground is convex in the outside.The another girl's height, shape is all quite good, just some hunchbacks, walk to lower the head, Be looking for what.The skin is yellow, see upSome abnormal states.Once two girls come in, four eyes are like search-light shoot on me.

This may be what Huang Gou because of and other haleness of wild dog was bitten away by the other party while contending for robbing hare.

This present life, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Black Women OutletI would like to convert to a Buddhism, devout believe in, don't beg financial power, didn't hope reputation, but begged highest execute to an ear, Yang however my Buddha, fix successfully.I hope earnestly Buddhist doctrine limitless, protect me thoughtful.I want to ask for help of a Buddhism to be clean and fix an achievement tired virtuous, let go of to be greedy for Chen Chi to read, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Black Women Outletthe emotional involvements is miscellaneous to read.Doing not need me is surprised, don't need my Rao, don't need my pain, don't need me bitterness, don't need my body have no depend on, don't need my heart float zero.

Fall in love with a person, love of like Chi if inebriate, after several years, and then break up in the limits of the earth.If true love, even if was to the utmost prosperous to fall, also wanted not to leave not to leave.

Pure Xian half month, the thin night flies smoke.The brocade Se hand fondles piano Se, the piano sound is curling up in the air, light like thin water shot jade Cong, proud if wave, big wave book is ten thousand Zhangs, turn to accept handiness, lightly medium thin, the thin place is soft, , soft inside Ai, .An inherit red dress to living be plated by her last astringent taste.

Anne Yan's covering up in the Tan sweet potato is stuffy.Attend to a river to carry to roast a shelf afraid taint with ascension of the Tan ash of, also don't forget to leave of from a distance seven sounds say, Be getting more hungry, wing soon like, Anne Yan, you can hurry son.Seven sounds smile to say to Anne Yan, Yan Yan, you slowly son, don't burn, don't manage to attend to a river.

"The girl stretches out a hand and fills the apple in the hand into my bosom.I in astonishment raise head, girl already the panic nervous piece accepted to try to abscond with valuables a classroom so much. Like, this descending me am also to receive a peaceful fruit and was unlikely pitiful ground of Xi Xi want teacher Wu to divide a .

Like work well a few tasty again aroma complete food, looking at son Yu to eat voraciously so, is a how happy affair!Still have already tidied up home follow carrying on smoothly be, Moncler Barbel Hooded Down Fill Knee Length Jacket Black Women Outletclean and neat Shu friendship, that not only is living a comfortable affair, but also is the tasty problem of a hostess.Chu rather studies in primary school grade 45 start in household chores, lighten father's a lot of burdens.So the father meets a person then Kua Chu rather reasonable ability, the of the same neighborhood also all knows that Chu is rather reasonable, who not Kua is she a good girl!The son Yu never cries up.Because his in the mind only has the ideal of painting and painter.Go home and then enter den each time, immediately after closed door.

"If don't get married, can stop here." Xiao's copying really doesn't know how to do just good.It is very vexed.The Xiao shadow lies on the bed and turns over to reply to can not go into sleep and really wants to go out to walk, deeply well ventilated, let brain also awake awake.Who know, for a while bed, almost fall down.Xiao Ying knows that oneself really got sick.Return to again bed up continue the Mi write.Remember for a month.