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Probably is believing firmly own strength isn't virtual.As oneself is always wanting at the sorrow the academic association loves deeply himself/herself, is the result for growing up sorry...】day of south moment utterly routed of came with the earth intimate contact, at this time heart in of upset immediately turned to make tears, in a short instant drowned the other party..

As Long Wang, the ocean is my house, but thousands rivers all become dry and cracked soil ditch, continuously for a long time hence there is also no water in East China Sea, I will homeless.I management go the important event of rain, moisten the earth, irrigation farm goods, bitter hard bitterness the behavior bring benefit to, but these years recruited a lot of scold, because my rain became acid rain.

The orchid son smiles to connect to come over and scrutinized along while and shines on under the sunlight and gets hold of to see in the black house of storeroom and reflect again in the evening moonlight lo, indeed as expected such as the big Ye say generally miraculous and precisely.

(luckily the clothes wear thickly)In 1980, take part in Hong Kong youth literature prize once again, is also get the second.Prize the copper vulture of 《Li Bai 》 that is Zhu Ming to design, see as the in times gone by best award.The summer vacation returns to northeast Chen Yang with mother and calls on relatives and collects 《quite legend 》 writing data.The time visits Peking, Shanghai, Moncler Badette Knit Trim Puffer jackets Nave Women OutletHangzhou, Wuxi, and Guilin...etc..Go home soon, start writing 《the Qie lives the Great Wall outside 》 .

Look back our life of this year, always some time, need to be feigned a while, not for letting intentionally who think of, Moncler Badette Knit Trim Puffer jackets Nave Women Outletbut don't want to bury infinitesimal oneself world in this confusion in, forgot the soul that rushes about on the road.

"Save …… life, blare, Help" Yi a rush toward Teng in Shui-li"can't you swim?That jumps what, be really of!"Ice-cold river water he says to take off clothes to jump into river, , Yi a haven't the slightest struggled of energy, oneself sinks slowly and downward.The beam clock livings an embrace her …… 4.

Counting nine is cold sky of, have already loved concomitant, you will feel warmth of winter days;Qi breeze cold rain, have already loved concomitant, you will start to support a hope of sail of boat;Ditch ditch hole hole, have already loved concomitant, you will be run about to one horse even Chuan;Knife pass sword shadow, have already loved concomitant, Moncler Badette Knit Trim Puffer jackets Nave Women Outletyou will smile Ao smoke is at the battle fire nitric.Let us use the double of looking for the love eye, appreciate to be full of the greatly good river mountain of benevolence;You see that clouds of many colors;You see that one greenery, you see that pond clear water, you see that stub flower and grass, benignity will feel more so, so fine;Because, your pure, integrate into its really, your Chi, infuse into its dream.

It writes a way in Zhang Ai Ling's 《red rose and white rose 》 :“Each men probably will love two women from cradle to the grave, one is a white rose, one is a red rose, be you to get a red rose, she then became wall up of a put on mosquito blood but white the rose became before the bed bright moon light, be you get white rose, she then ready-to-wear clothes Jin ascend difficult see of white rice grain, but red rose then center of the chest lasting cinnabar birthmark& hellip;…

Flavor, tell the truth, the regardless thick joss-stick is pure sweet, all compare my mama to do deliciously.As he is getting off to buy, I always stare at a station card the whirling blade of not well-known tall tree is beside and see the wonderful hand of spring, how a little miraculously spin and weave and knit the blade be getting more large everyday, wait he to buy for me fried wrap or sweet drink, fill belly.