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2 people then waited Mr. to hand over together and went toward rather the house of Wan.The class is very silent, wait for announcement on December 29, 2013 answer.The form master comes leisurely, eyes swept to see the whole class, and finally the openings says:"This time we class......"He comes to a stop and went straight up two tables that at the right moment arrive rather Wan side, immediately after say:"Still on the whole can." Everyone breath a sigh of relief."Underneath I come to read class position, according to formely so." The former sequence is a name, language, mathematics and English, politics and history, geography and text Zong, class position and school class position.Rather Wan already numbness, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletshe just silently lowers the head, the idea arrives outer space.The form master takes report card, pure settle throat, read:"Rather Wan, 126, 138, 120, 70, 78, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outlet68, 216, 600,1, 1;The horse is clinging......

"Qiu Qiu, the Qiu arrives where is the day a head son?Viewpoint's getting is a trick, all day long be like like this, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletyou meet with and then stare at, much suffered?" Seeing is much more than himself to what she had improper thoughts.

This is the life engraves a bone of shocking, do the ultimate end annotation of to the mother's love. The pangolin is succeeded in catching, it is hunted a door to pack into iron cage inside, then, and then pack last motorcycle.Take it to 1, have never been to of place. Lost the protection of Tashan, lost a warm house, it felt fear and felt frightened.It doesn't know why the mankind want to arrest him.

Setting sun west next, I silently stand still before window with mother.The father's figure is gradually and far going.Being sunset is like blood, shine on a mother on that red cent of sweater of body outside of fresh and red brilliant, reflect the mother's face but is that the excrescent pallor is distressed.When the father's figure finally changes into black mark disappearance in our views, my tears then and noiselessly slide.

In the ocean 12-year-old birthday that day, the river sends an elegant birthday gift to him and also sent a words of wish, one makes ocean during a lifetime also unforgettable of wish.Henceforth, each birthday river of ocean will send a gift and a wish to him.The ocean regards as the jewelry to them similar collect as treasure.Those gift, hide at the father also can not find of place, those wish, hid anyone, any yearses could not touch of corner.

Her classmate has plenty of to want to learn some technique to go out to do a text Mi, text member or bookkeeping accountancy and support family to make a living.But the parents of thin son have never told thin son to let he comes to study for the sake of what.So the thin son leads lightly to loosen in the campus.

The bag being a little bit bigger didn't find out, mother Xu Dong sought twos for him a little bit a little bit smaller of bag. On the second day, allowed east to just finish eating lunch, the youth indeed as expected came, similar to Xu Dong, the youth also took two bags of just about sizes. "You really realize my house."See a youth, Xu Dong still keeps having some accidents. "This fools you why, I usually come to your river of the west of the house in catch river clam.

The plum flower namely opens At this time, is exactly your Ao at Gao Zhi at the breeze Zhan joss-stick of seasonal changes the wintry snow, one Cu but white heart knot now, you habit the Yan hide of bone at Ke rickety ice snow in, ruminate The whole winter months, most likely you at drop blood, this become me snow ground dozen roll of reason my body, deliver more of obese in order to pick up to bind, be folded the Die of wings by the breeze -Like in shape plum flower, a per Ma Deng under, I become deeply a body the snow man younger sister of the crystal Jie, grass is the very green time still enough far?I am worried about the body of spring, will in sudden of whirlpool inside, flurried Winter months 24 River, road, tile crest, top of tree hexangular He Jian, Moncler Athenes Hooded Puffer Jacket Navy Outletfall thick and fast to since then adjust the line net that the hands spread takes yellow La as Zuo at the longitude and latitude of time, the snow-white seasoning is at the center of palm of hand and make a ground of big Dian The corner of mouth livings a transparent beak in the plum head, the Nian flower lightly smiles a nose wing to instigate the grass that the Liao carries in the middle of replying, inclined shout to deeply absorb to gather of bell, wild at the Man mountain in the time, look for to break through siege familiar music, hang to open the Yan beak joss-stick head, have miserable life Younger sister, seven heavy sky of inside of innocent and beautiful, road and star sky etc.

Front segment time, because the friend of medium invite draft, don't want the writing that I write a concerning education well balanced.I true Ao however he, disobey heart to write.Though I know own of the thinking basically don't become it as thinking.The words said also can not stand a deliberation.But nearly experience me for four years still how much understood some truths of education.Say now what to is all superfluous.What our education hopes earnestly is fair and true.