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She thoughts of these two poems, however clapped again own head for a while right away. There is necessity coming to a brain for oneself, Mu rain Tong thinks, then bottom the bed washed one cold water face of chasing. This evening, she totally washed seven cold water faces, but Chen fly of the appearance still keep putting on not to go, oneself must be to get sick, and she thinks.

Recently, be frightenned by news on the net, what to say is Anhui six Anne 17-year-old little girl, due to unintentionally picking up to a needle tube(imply the dozen of deadly poison dog Biao) that is similar to a ball-point pen carelessly the handle knob heart tie under, Girls Moncler Lans Quilted Tech Jacket Fuchsia Sizes 8 14 Outletprobably several seconds of business, a lovely flower bud in a twinkling withers away.

A person's birth, you can say with smile his growth of, you can analyze to figure out his future, but plus facing of yesterday for the sake of own instinct, judgment cover today, walk to ownly smile, smile to ownly say, speak own voice, every day total amount oneself's words, speak different comprehension every day, you are you, flying of in a dream, think a medium change, other people of read to didn't your judgment quick, the other people's guess doesn't have your analysis quick, your speed, Girls Moncler Lans Quilted Tech Jacket Fuchsia Sizes 8 14 Outletthe one and only, your growth, not an equal in the world, your correction, the world contains a rainbow.

If you don't hand in money, I reveal your corruption to take bribe! The chemisette"the corruption takes bribe" words sound just fell, window outside already cloudy sky, Girls Moncler Lans Quilted Tech Jacket Fuchsia Sizes 8 14 Outleta burst of lightning flash once rows, through the blind side of curtain, shine on woman the face of the powder fat top also a burst of white a burst of black, be like grimace;Close behind be a few spring thunders that"bomb", the big tree is pared off by the strong breeze without intermission or so sway, immediately heavy rain pouring but bottom, hail raindrop moment ringing of"Pa Pa" that the window beat.This seems to can not obstruct chemisette behavior, either. Outside in the door was many persons who join a crowd for fun, opened the door by the doctor to all hurtle to spread a while, shouted to a few public securities to simply advise out that woman, she urgently and in a hurry once wore an aisle and after death left a burst of breeze. Drive blunt spread of a few females protect work discusses in the Cape place small voice in turning of aisle, a very high and very fat woman says:"That woman is the woman whom he cohabits in the outside, smaller a lot of than him, have already come to make a lot of time, heard at other hospitals to make.Is moreover an and fat protect work since contrary thin thin woman, be dressed in whole body of thin and blue smock, also at with join a crowd for fun of the person say:The person whom"once this female is also with male of fought, said what was that man's retribution, in the outside was that ate goods, " listenned to has a little surprise."What peacock, panda, globefish, sea gull and sika deer, elk, and all of a lot of snakes once ate, you once saw of whale he once ate as well of, male of isn't governmental".

After another weeks, Rong the United States finally saw that downstairs' of he, that Rong the United States at the right moment meets back at work at noon of he, be dressed in to look very at will, the hair is been more opposite than boy to say to have a little grow, the appearance is still pretty beautiful and slender, besides which, hair again order to all have with stroller indiscriminately of a put together.

Some people are specially rich, in any situation, any kinds, he bears in mind constantly to show to put money of strong, however things go contrary to one's wishes, his show to put can recruit the vision that the bearers despise, or give a snicker of despise.Have some a person, completely illiterate but can pretend scholar rather, plagiarize a few writings, become friends with a few scholars, space out ensign to make tiger skin.

Smoke cigarette to differ from to take the drug, but want careful aftertaste for a while yes, that is also the chronic suicide.

"The woman lowers the head to downwards hope, but can see an expanse of white one slice clouds and appear a to put on to disappoint in her eyes, just suddenly, the purple Mou son of that disappointment becomes joyful, in that Mou son, one is very a little bit small and pimping and red to slowly become big, the last red lantern appears in front of woman through the built-up clouds, she curiously walked over to connect in hand, Girls Moncler Lans Quilted Tech Jacket Fuchsia Sizes 8 14 Outletthat lantern bottom hangs a piece of note and up and closely write full word, the woman lightly reads a way.On that road, you and I shoulder to shoulder your left hand is by the side of the my right hand that day, there is very thin cloud and mist in sky I see clouds and lead long this road of your little fingers, we once walked 1 time, another time I think so, finish walking the whole life finishes walking, again walk 1 time in spite of you is on the ground, be still God my little fingers will hang up you and stand on your left side ……that a moment, the woman hands Wu lives his/her own atrium, difficult to express run off tears in that purple Mous son come.The head dissipates of a text net:/subject/3720337/A wisp of chimney smoke(outside 1)

He(cloud) is bad to badly smile for a while:Because you are very familiar.He is the person of a heavy brothers friendship, can in his in the mind but really like her, just he hasn't come yet of and speak.But can choose to again and silently guard her. She(precious jade) is that she goes to school cognitively the first girl, is also from now on became a good friend, good Gui honey.