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"Afterwards?" The Nu is red to fix attention on tears to looking at Mi to rise eyes to hope the pig of afar eight quit, take to cry a chamber in voice."Afterwards?"Pig eight quit to stretch out arm will the Nu tightly hug in the bosom, Baby Moncler Dominic Stripe Front Hooded Jacket Red 3 24 Months Outletsmiling of gentleness.

I stand the black paint puts on black drill ground up, see him hard to tackle of take from the feather Rong of Tao in the sleeves Tao of, part the Tao simultaneously ask me:"Do you believe to fall in love at first sight?"My felling has a little not good, always feel to occupy and take place, hence I grasp ear Nao Sai and start talking nonsense:"Fall in love at first sight?Does this fall in love at first sight?Fall in love at first sight......" I really don't know how to say.

See the blind man sent to all of a disc of pig bowels a belly inside, hence, the loafer taunts to say:"Old younger brother ah, you say this in this world some eat of, BE'water lead for clean', still'the eye lead for clean'?Water leads for clean, water lead is clean, certainly is water over is clean!"The blind man is wiping mouth and satisfiedly answering.

The Kang city a piece per piece cautiously browses, simultaneously think the comb is keeping in mind what kind of the mood write down these notes.There is a moment, his heart is painful.

"Rice Qi, you have no matter son, ogreish attach at so!BE have a class to have an accident son?""The lesson is last to be very smooth, and I discover that this lesson suits me fines too much, is the knowledge for longing for day and night of the deep my soul place, Baby Moncler Dominic Stripe Front Hooded Jacket Red 3 24 Months Outlethereafter all allow me to substitute to ascend!" The bean rises a night to at the right moment pass by and floats a words of:"That lesson calls whatThe jogging is a kind of carriage

Mo white, I am again vulgar to can't wait on one man with others as well as abandon, either dignity to go into a mansion from the back door as a keep woman.I have already passed memorial to the saint, from please garrison a frontier. Now today, you ten in spread brocade, Baby Moncler Dominic Stripe Front Hooded Jacket Red 3 24 Months Outletshe smiles in the bosom.I am outside pass in the jade door take a distant view Chang-an, the full eyes are prosperous, with full intention sore.

"Yes, good love, good love!"Black mountain old demon the mouth say with smile and appear two tears to go on the iron black face, moonlight next flickering become bright, seem with that stars.The breeze that the mountain takes over is very strong, chilly, blow pig eight quit to keep cringing, he thinks to will have a wine good dinner, but have never thought etc.

Let go of, grasp years, hug and kiss mind.Don't see, was waiting for, with living to fear to come of, arrange.

So several years I the transformation wear two kinds of form of writtens at any time, flawless unexpectedly all deceive at the Mom and Dad and teacher's in fronts, , there are also his girl friends.